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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rebel Kitchen's dairy-free Mylk

 No, it's not quite milk. But it sure does look and taste like it. Except for Rebel Kitchen's newest flavor: Chai Mylk - an organic coconut milk drink with a chai spice blend.
And it's definitely chai-oriented. It was an instantly recognizable chai flavor that woke up my taste buds. And as strange as it tasted, I finished the whole drink within a couple minutes. "It's delicious!" I thought.
Here's it's bio: A treat reminiscent of an Indian chai. Made with organic coconut milk, organic cacao, organic date nectar, filtered water and organic spices cardamom, cinnamon, and turmeric.    
The new Chai Milk flavor debuted at the Fancy Food show, making it brand-spanking new to the market. But for those of you who aren't familiar with the Rebel Kitchen brand, here's a little background from its press release:
"Rebel Kitchen ( is here to get people excited about food through its ridiculously tasty snacks made from simple ingredients, direct from nature.
Rebel Kitchen knows that being healthy isn’t about bland or boring food. It’s about enjoyment and having fun. Rebel Kitchen first launched with its innovative range of coconut mylks in the UK in January 2014, and so began the brand’s mission; to start creating healthier, delicious tasting alternatives to everyone’s favorite snacks.
Rebel Kitchen was created to be an honest, health-focused brand with broad, mainstream appeal; not another niche brand that simply preaches to the converted.”
That sounds like a brand that I can get behind! The product's ingredients are sound as well: All mylks contain a base of three simple ingredients; organic coconut milk, filtered water and organic date nectar. The mylks are Non-GMO certified and dairy, gluten and soy free. They contain no refined sugar, additives or preservatives. Mylks are suitable for vegans and those following a paleo diet.
Of course, other delicious and more mainstream flavors to try:
Chocolate Mylk - A healthy superfood alternative to satisfy those chocolate cravings. Made with organic coconut milk, organic cacao, organic date nectar and filtered water.
Coffee Mylk – A healthy way to enjoy a coffee fix. Made with organic coconut milk, organic date nectar, filtered water and organic coffee.
Learn more about Rebel Kitchen at