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Monday, October 13, 2008

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the official blog of Fancy Food & Culinary Products magazine! We have been posting the question and responses from our Top Shelf Advice department, a page that appears in each issue of the magazine, for you to read and respond to, but now the magazine's editors will also be adding coverage of industry events, as well as other great regular features.
  • Editor's Choice — Each Tuesday, an editor will select a product based on its quality and taste to feature here on the blog. The product could be something we came across at a show, a sample somebody sent us, or something we found shopping on our own. We will include a product description, why we liked it, and contact information for the company that makes it. Check back or subscribe to our e-mail feed or RSS feed to get the latest updates delivered right to you (to subscribe, see the column on the right-hand side of the screen).
  • Have We Caught Your Fancy? — Currently a part of our Shelftalk department each month in the magazine, this is an opportunity for our readers to put faces with names with both manufacturers and shopkeepers. Those who send in a picture of themselves with the magazine will not only have a chance to appear on our pages, but will also be featured right here on our blog.
  • In-Store Spotlight — Our readers spoke and we listened! This brand new feature is something our readers have been asking for, and we're excited to be able to answer those requests! Each month we will select a store from our reader-base to be featured on our blog. This will include photos of the store, background information and a brief Q&A with the store owner.
If you are interested being considered for any of these features, please contact Associate Editor Stephanie Hunsberger via email, shunsberger(at)

Check back tomorrow for our very first Editor's Choice pick!