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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Editor's Choice: AB Foods LLC

It seems that everybody is looking for ways to eat healthier these days, and with AB Foods' Match-brand premium meat alternatives, it is easier than you may think to slip in a healthier meat alternative. I received samples of their products (they offer Ground Beef, Ground Pork, Ground Chicken, Crab, Breakfast Sausage and Italian Sausage as meatless alternatives) and immediately sauteed the ground chicken, adding it to a cheesy herb skillet meal. Being a frequent meat-eater, I was pleased with the results, as was my vegetarian-since-high-school roommate. AB Foods got the texture and the taste right -- I even prepared it the same way as I would have prepared my chicken. And because the Match products are plant-based, I didn't have to worry about the dangers of under-cooked chicken or about the inevitable chicken "juice" that a real chicken breast leaves behind on cutting boards, hands, etc.

But the real test for Match's Ground Chicken's "chicken-ness" came this past weekend during the Sunday afternoon football game. It was the second half of the Chicago Bears vs. the undefeated Tennessee Titans game and my stomach was growling. I wanted something quick and easy that I could share with my dad that wouldn't interrupt my game watching (at this point, the Bears were on their way to an exciting comeback). While my dad was busy watching the game, I made some easy mac'n cheese, warmed up some Match Ground Chicken in the skillet and mixed it in. I watched out of the corner of my eye as my dad, a traditional meat'n potatoes kind of guy who would undoubtedly turn up his nose at the mention of a meat substitute, dug in. I couldn't resist a little smile as he finished his bowl. My subterfuge had been a success.

Not only did he like it, but he finished the leftovers for lunch this week. While the Bears might not have won, Match Ground Chicken certainly did. Now comes the tough question -- do I direct him to today's blog entry? Or is ignorance truly bliss?

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