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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Editor's Choice: FusionBrands

I am not a morning person. People really shouldn’t talk to me before 9 a.m. if they expect a coherent conversation — or worse, an answer to an important question! It’s no surprise that I need a tall, travel mug of coffee as I head out the door each morning. I usually make my own coffee, but on days when I am rushed, I’m guilty of splurging on something from the coffee shop near the train station.

The last time I visited this well-known chain establishment, I noticed a small sign posted to the tiny bin of cup sleeves. It warns customers, in so many words, that, should they take one of these corrugated barriers, they are definitely NOT eco-friendly. Maybe it’s because it was early in the morning, but I am almost positive the barista scoffed at me as I reached for one. I’m all for saving the planet, but do I really have to burn my fingertips to do so?

Luckily, I am no longer disrespecting Mother Earth with each sip of my Grande Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte thanks to FusionBrands’ ( CupCooley, a reusable silicone cup cozy that keeps hands safe when consuming hot drinks or soups. The flexible sleeve, which comes in green, brown and pink, fits standard-sized paper cups. At the Housewares Show last week, a FusionBrands public relations rep (who I also happened to attend college with!) told me she can’t live without the CupCooley and was sweet enough to give me a sample. In just a week, I’ve whipped it out of my purse on several occasions — not only is it 100 percent eco-friendly, but it’s also quite a conversation starter at the coffee shop!


P.S. Look for another innovative FusionBrands product in the silicone feature in the May issue of Fancy Food.

P.P.S. Stay tuned, more International Home & Housewares Show coverage to come!