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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Editor's Choice: Dulcet Cuisine

Some people like their condiments plain. They're not big into change and will always have the exact same products in the door of their fridge. Take my dad for example. My mom had to "sneak" organic ketchup onto the table for him to try before she told him what it was. I try to understand this mentality. You like what you like -- I get it -- but sticking to the old mainstays when it comes to condiments shuts so many doors!

Take Dulcet Cuisine, for example. Company owner Pam Kraemer spices up condiments from dressings to mustards with unexpected flavor profiles inspired by her world travels. Earlier this year she launched a new line of ketchups in the same fashion: Peppery Moroccan, Mild Indian Curry and Sweet Orange Chile are three fresh new choices in the stale world of ubiquitous red tomato sauce. If I HAD to choose a favorite, it would have to be the Peppery Moroccan, but ask me another day and I may be inclined to tell you Sweet Orange Chile. It thrills me to substitute one of these unexpected splashes of flavor for traditional ketchup on a burger, hot dog or chicken sandwich, on fries, with meatloaf, on kebabs, in sloppy joes, with shrimp... you get the idea. The ketchups are made with premium ingredients and can make a simple meal just a little bit more exotic.

All of Kraemer's products are available from her website,