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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Editor’s Choice: Signature Flan

One of my favorite ways to dine is to order tapas, the small plates of food that I first encountered at a Spanish restaurant. As you probably know, it’s a great way to get to try a lot of different foods during one meal. But no matter what I eat at these meals, I always make sure, as the saying goes “to leave room for dessert.” That’s because, besides the other good food, the desserts include flan, another one of my favorite things.

So imagine my delight when a box from Signature Flan ( containing an assortment of single-serving-sized flan arrived at the office recently. Hearing the news, I stopped typing mid-sentence and headed for the refrigerator. I hadn’t had lunch yet, but I wanted to make sure I squirreled one away for later.

When I got back to my desk, one of my co-workers was enjoying her selection but was looking for help in finishing it. That was my first taste of Pineapple flan. It turns out, the pineapple adds a little more sweetness, but it blends nicely with the traditional rich taste and great sauce, which we discovered under the flan. It was a delicious pre-lunch treat.

It was my day for new flavors. Since the vanilla flans were the first ones to go, I had chosen a coffee flan. It was the perfect afternoon choice. The rich taste of coffee, the creamy flan, with the great sauce — can’t get much better. Except maybe enjoying it at an outdoor café on a sunny day with guitars in the background. But if you’re like me and can’t do that at the present time, try the flan and imagine.

By the way, Signature Flan contains no artificial colors or flavors, comes in 4.5-oz. container and is available in vanilla, coffee, pineapple and cinnamon.