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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Editor's Choice: SchoolHouse Kitchen

I have to admit, when I first read the label on this week’s choice, I was filled with skepticism. I knew I liked all the flavors listed, but I wasn’t sure how they would taste all together. Still, once again I was curious and so it was on a Sunday morning, that I opened the jar of SchoolHouse Kitchen ( Cherry Blackberry simply & gently infused with sage & clove spreadable fruit. I had decided to try it on my French toast.

When I opened the jar, it had a nice, fresh berry aroma. I spooned a bit on the toast and the tasting began. The first thing I tasted was the sweet fruit, but very shortly this was followed with a little bit of a kick from cloves. It was quite tasty, kind of, as the jar described it a “multi-layered taste.” I dipped the spoon back in the jar to spread more on the French toast.

I could also see it on regular toast, muffins and croissants. The company suggests using it with triple crème Brie as an appetizer. They also suggest using it with lamb. I have some lamb chops in the freezer, so that may be my next food adventure.

It comes in a 10-oz. jar, and other choices are Strawberry Black Peppercorn, Rhubarb Raspberry Thyme and Peach Rosemary. By the way, profits from sales go to support educational programs.

Once again, in the interest of bringing the news, a fine taste discovery.