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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Editor's Choice: Gimbal's Fine Candies

Every once and a while, the Fancy Food editors take a little break from so much, well, fancy food. Don't get us wrong — we're still passionate about gourmet products and specialty food retailers, but every once in a while, we review something a little more low brow. No high quality ingredients, eco-friendly organic origins or impressive-sounding health benefits; instead, we go for the check-out counter appeal of good, old-fashioned, bad-for-your-teeth candy. And today's fix comes in the form of Gimbal's Fine Candies' Sour Lovers, a rainbow of gummi candies that make your mouth pucker upon contact.

The Sour Lovers are exactly what they sound like. Each flavor packs quite a sour-tasting kick, but with enough sweetness that you'll find yourself eating way more than you realized you could. My mother wouldn't want me to leave out that the candies are made with real fruit juice and are high in vitamin C, although most kids frequenting your store will only see the rainbow of colors and a thick, grainy coating of sugar encasing each piece. Sour Lovers are just as addicting as I had suspected they were, and if you're ready to take a little fancy food break yourself, keep a few bags of these intensely sour candies at the front of your store for an unexpected yet welcome change of pace.