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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Editor's Choice: DeBrand Chocolatier

While diamonds are beautiful, they're also rare. And, dogs are great. But they smell up your carpet. I contest that there can be only one girl's best friend and that is clearly chocolate. That's why there's a mad rush anytime we get it in the office. That's why you eat it during a break-up. And, that's why it puts a wide smile on your face after the bleakest of days. So, when we scored a stash of DeBrand Chocolatier's Tart Red Raspberry Tasting Bars, I did the noble thing. I hid them away in my desk drawer and only bothered to eat them when my co-workers weren't looking.

Let me tell you ... it was worth the deception. DeBrand uses only the finest chocolate from around the world. In these tasting bars, this high-quality chocolate was paired with chunks of red raspberries. The combination was sinfully delicious. So much so that after sampling it, you'll forget all about classic combinations (think chocolates and strawberries). This duo will dominate your palette. Moreover, the company labeled pieces of the candy with "bite," "nibble" or "chunk" so you won't overindulge. As if!

If you aren't into sweet and tangy, sample the company's other tasting bar flavors, including: White Chocolate, Hazelnut Coffee Crunch and Peanut Butter Brittle. A complete list of flavors and other products is available on the company website, But, ensure you order enough for everyone. Because every girl needs this kind of BFF!