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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Editor's Choice — Alchemy by Carla Hall

Like so many other people, I’m a huge fan of reality television. And, being a self-proclaimed foodie, cooking competitions are constantly on my DVR must-watch list. So, it should be no surprise that I’m an avid Top Chef fan. One of my favorite contestants was and is Carla Hall. This spunky DC-resident was known for her boisterous personality and her clean flavors. When I discovered Hall had created a food line, I was excited by the prospect of tasting her delicacies. And, just last week, we received Alchemy by Carla Hall cookies in the office. You’ve never seen me move as quickly as I did while diving for the Mexican Chocolate Chip variety.

While the flavoring in these petit fares borders on classic — you can clearly taste the quality ingredients used during preparation. During the show, Hall was a huge proponent of cooking with only the finest, freshest materials. So, within her cookies she uses strictly organic flour, sugar and eggs. By incorporating brown sugar, vanilla extract and cinnamon — the sweet treats go from ordinary to flavorful and exciting. Moreover, their miniature size prevents you from feeling the inevitable guilt that typically accompanies eating sweets. Market these cookies as the perfect stocking stuffer during the holiday season.

Other flavors within the Alchemy line include: Black Forest Crinkle, Pecan Shortbread with Vanilla Salt, Goat Cheese and Dried Cranberries, Oatmeal with White Chocolate and Dried Cranberries and Almond Gingerbread Cherry Shortbread, to name a few. There’s one thing I’m certain of, Carla Hall lived up to her Top Chef reputation.