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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Editor's Choice — Sugar Brook Farms

Cheese makes everything better. Need to spice up some plain macaroni — just add some melted cheese and you magically have a favored meal for adults and children alike. Add two slices of bread and some cheese and you have a sandwich. When your hamburger is a little dull, add cheese. When your wrap needs spicing up, add cheese. It solves all culinary problems. And, when Sugar Brook sent a wide variety of the company’s top cheese products, you can bet I was checking them out!

Sugar Brook Farms produces delicious cheese products from the company’s farm in Verona, WI. Their line includes everything from cheese balls to cold pack cheese, deli cakes, dessert balls and Chedda spreads. Our shipment included a variety of spreads including the award-winning CheddaBlu. The spread is a combination of Wisconsin Aged Cheddar and Wisconsin Blue Cheese. This gives it a strong, distinct flavor that would be perfect on a Buffalo Chicken sandwich.

The spread is synonymous with awards and won both the 2006 Best in Class and the 2008 2nd Place at the World Cheese Awards. And, while cheese is always a winner in my book — Sugar Brook’s CheddarBlu definitely stood out!