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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Editor's Choice: Donsuemor's Madeleines

To indulge is to take pleasure in quality rather than quantity.
Donsuemor believes this, and after sampling a few of their Madeleines,  I’d argue that indulging in quality is even better in larger quantities. Their Madeleines, a soft, moist French cake with a distinctive shell shape, were introduced to Donsuemor’s Berkley, Calif. bakery in1976. Since then, new customers have discovered the exceptional quality of the fresh bakery treats on a daily basis—myself now included.
The Madeleines, which started with an original French recipe, were the love child of a creative entrepreneur (Don Morris) and a passionate baker (Susie Morris, Don's wife) who together made an unstoppable, analytical, creative and Madeleine-making business team.
The Madeleine cookie is a small, scalloped French cake that more often than not resembles a dry sugar cookie. But Donsuemor’s are anything but. They’re tender, fresh and buttery, and nearly impossible to put down. They’re probably bite-size for a reason. They’re soft, but with a slightly crisped edge, and are available in three flavors including Traditional, Dipped and Lemon Zest.

Donsuemor’s state-of-the-art bakery still integrates artisan principles but on a large scale. They make more than 15,000 bakery goods an hour in a 32,000-square foot bakery. Their exceptional commitment to quality shines through in their products, and they certainly have me sold.

At Donsuemor, they’ve created an experience. By baking wholesome products, they’re allowing for the experience of satisfaction. And who would have thought that such a small package would satisfy so many?