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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Editor's Pick: Crafted Cocktails

High end restaurants and bartenders who know what they're doing have the capability to make some of the most delicate, perfectly-balanced cocktails. But sometimes, sophisticated flavor profiles can be difficult to find when it comes to at-home mixers. Crafted Cocktails was developed by Felicia Vieira, who wanted to have the option to create these flavors in her own home.
The cocktail mixers line consists of two flavors so far--Moonlight and Lanai. Moonlight is a blend of natural agave, watermelon, jalapeno and lime. The balance of sweet and spicy flavors proved versatile when combined with different liquors. With tequila, the spiciness was a little more dominant, but the watermelon flavoring was soothing; and with vodka, you can really taste the agave, and adding a little fresh mint to your cocktail brings out the flavors even more. Lanai, the pineapple, lime and jalapeno blend, also offers a diverse flavor profile depending on your spirit selection. One of my favorite flavors to combine with tequila, is pineapple. And with a spicy jalapeno kick, I really enjoyed this version. I salted the rim of my glass for additional flavor, and one of my guests enjoyed the Lanai mixer with club soda for a non-alcoholic alternative.
Each mixer is only 60 calories and made with all-natural ingredients, a nice change of pace from a cocktail mixer market that's dominated by processed sugars. Both of these flavors are great to have on-hand when having guests over, since they pair well with multiple spirits, and are just as delicious mixed in a non-alcoholic beverage.