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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Editor's Pick: Grandpa's Kitchen

Standing by the motto “Gluten free does not mean taste free” Grandpa’s Kitchen has given a gluten free diet a whole new taste. It is desirable and healthy for customers. The company manufactures bread and pizza mixes that provide a remarkable consistency, taste and texture. Grandpa’s Kitchen was founded by the Shrock family for people with Celiac Disease or any type of gluten intolerance, or even for people who just decide to maintain a gluten free diet.

I am none of the above but Grandpa’s Kitchen could definitely convince me to go gluten free. My favorite quick snack to have is grilled cheese, and I tried it for the first time with gluten free bread. It didn’t taste like I was sacrificing anything.

It’s always good to indulge in a healthier lifestyle, but it’s always easier to do so when it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice. Grandpa’s Kitchen is definitely sticking to their motto by making taste-filled gluten free products.