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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Editor's Pick: Tres Hermanas

It’s official (and somewhat unfortunate, though that’s debatable): I have fallen victim to The Pinterest Effect. It’s been about 4 years now. Those behind the scenes ninjas that are the users, abusers and pinners of the social media site have had their effect on industries around the world—the cookbook publishers, the interior designers, the real photographers, the bloggers, the thrift store shuckers, the Etsy shoppers, and the at-home bakers (that's me!)

It’s a basic admission. I have at least 10 cookbooks scattered throughout my home that now play the role of coffee table décor, lamp stands and more. You can thank Pinterest for that. You see, with a virtual bulletin board enticing my iPhone to a site of Asian fusion appetizers and mouth-watering photography, it’s hard to pull out the trusty paperback under a pile of 17-pound September issue magazines. The first step is admittance. 

Let me tell you that the Food & Drink section of the $5 billion social media networking brand is overwhelming.  Truly. Sure, many are re-pinned and copied among users, but there’s no shortage of dinner images that read 25 Casserole Bakes You Must Make this Week or 19 Healthy One-Pot Dinners. And so it was no surprise that my Pinterest efforts turned to find the most convenient, tastiest and ingredient-less one-pot casserole bakes. With breakfast bakes under my belt, I shifted gears and headed to the border.

I ended at a recipe for Fire Roasted Stacked Enchiladas—quite convenient as I had just picked up the Tres Hermanas Fire Roasted RedSauce, which is a firey, spicy Mexican cooking sauce that transports your taste buds across the border for a second.

Nestled in Southern New Mexico among a pretty picturesque mountainside—portrayed on the packaging—Tres Hermanas got its name from the three small mountains that it sits below. Authentic products made in the border state, Tres Hermanas developed its latest flavors to meet a growing consumer need for specialty ethnic items. “Our family-farm grown food will deliver the flavors and honestly sourced qualities that consumers demand,” says Mark Majewski, president and chief operating officer of Mizkan Americas.

They delivered, all right. In a saucepan, I mixed some heavy cream with the family-made sauce, some water and shredded chicken. I proceeded to fill the dish like a lasagna—one layer of sauce, a bottom layer of sauce-dipped tortilla halves, one layer of pepper pepper jack cheese and green onion, one layer of chicken, a layer of caramelized onions, another layer of sauce and so on. I baked the casserole covered for 30 minutes, and voila, a stacked enchilada bake straight from the farms of New Mexico--and maybe Pinterest.