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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Editor's Pick: JulieAnn Caramels

Remember the joy of the campfire experience? Memories of burning embers and aromas of just-burnt marshmallows exist in the back of your mind just enough to yearn for the S'More on crisp nights.

No one knows just who invented the gooey marshmallow and chocolate goodness trapped in pieces of graham crackers, though some credit it to a Girl Scout troop leader—image that! I’d assume this was no Troop Beverly Hills.

Chocolate melts while just the right pressure is added to the mallow-graham cracker combination for a bite-sized treat that’s become so etched in Americana nostalgia that chocolatiers and sweets companies have been replicating the S’More for years trying to find that shelf-stable version.

I think I found it by the way. On a stick at that!

JulieAnn Caramels’ Su’Mores bring so much joy into one bite, it’s an incredible and very savored moment that’s amplified with the addition of caramel. It’s not too messy, avoids all smoke and flames and takes us on a campfire journey.

The simple graham cracker is topped with what JulieAnn calls the finest of marshmallows that’s as white as your teeth. It’s later wrapped in the company’s famous caramel—which is not too stick-to-your-teeth sticky; just enough—and wrapped with a mixture of light and dark Guittard chocolate and trickled with a drizzle of white.

Order yours here and you’ll have customers begging for more. Girl Scout’s Honor