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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Editor's Pick: noosa yoghurt

Noosa yoghurt is a unique combination of sweet and tart taste wrapped in a  thick, velvety texture—it’s truly one of a kind. It’s made in small batches on a family farm in Colorado with wholesome ingredients: all-natural whole milk from happy cows, fresh fruit purees and infused with a touch of clover alfalfa honey. Its irresistible and savory taste will make you fall in love after just one bite and keep you coming back for more!
Perfect for fall, the company offers two seasonally-focused flavors— Pumpkin and Cranberry Applethat make the perfect addition to any fall meal and are a guilt-free treat perfect those watching their waistlines.
·         Pumpkin, originally released as a limited-time offering, proved so popular that it is now available all year round. Now, consumers can enjoy real pumpkin puree in a velvety yoghurt, as an exceptional dessert; in pumpkin-inspired recipes; or as the star ingredient in a parfait by just adding crumbled ginger snaps and whipped cream.
·         The all-new Cranberry Apple, inspired by festive holiday flavors, is the perfect combination of sweet and tart and brings to mind cozy family recipes. Sit around the dining room table and enjoy the yoghurt as a snack, or as a main ingredient in a seasonal coffee cake or muffins to warm up on a brisk fall day.

All noosa yoghurt is available in the traditional 8 ounce container and 4 ounce 4-packs mini-containers.