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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Nonni's biscotti

For every coffee and tea drinker in America, there's a biscotti-lover.
In my opinion, biscotti tastes best when dipped in a piping-hot cup of cappuccino while sitting on my balcony during a rainy spring afternoon. It takes me to Italy and back in the blissful 10 minutes I have to myself before the chaos of life rudely interrupts my cognitive getaway.
All that from a cookie, you ask? Yes, my friends. Biscotti, when done right, is a girl's best friend. And when Nonni's Foods sent me samples of its Nonni's Biscotti, I knew I found my new bestie.
The press release touts premium ingredients and artisan roots dating back to 1988, when the company’s founder first opened his bakery. But today, Nonni's is stepping into the 21st century with new packaging that debuted this year. The new biscotti boxes feature vibrant imagery of its different flavors: Originali, Salted Caramel, Cioccolati, Dark Chocolate Almond, Limone, Toffee Almond, Triple Chocolate and Turtle Pecan. The new design also notes key ingredients as well as calorie count in bold font at the top right-hand corner of the box.
As a health-conscious Millennial consumer, I am instantly drawn to the mentions of "Real Almonds," "No Artificial Flavors" and "90 Calories" at the top of my almond and walnut biscotti box. Personally, I love when companies make a point to highlight nutritional facts front and center rather than hide them on the back or side panel. It's not necessary; but it goes a long way in showing me that they stand behind their product's contents 100 percent.
There's also a brand-new logo that features the phrases “artisan baked” and “Italian inspired” to signify the family recipe traced back almost a century ago to Lucca, Italy, a place that still inspires today’s bakers. The addition of a transparent window cutout to the front of each box is designed so consumers can see the biscotti firsthand. From the window, I can tell that each biscotti is individually wrapped (8 come with each box) to seal in freshness. Finally, the entire Nonni's history is told on the back of the box in storybook format, touting a heart-warming tale of the founder's grandmother, Nonni, who baked biscotti for her friends and family. "Today, our bakers are inspired to follow Nonni's Old World traditions in preparing a variety of delicious delights using real ingredients you might find at a farmers market," it reads.
The company's new tagline, "Real Ingredients, No Compromises," proudly sits to the side of the story, hovering proudly over a fantastic photo of a biscotti resting on a hot cup of joe. Looking at the image makes my body warm from the inside as I envision my Saturday morning routine of balcony, cappuccino and biscotti. But now that I'm attuned to the pure ingredients and beautiful family story behind the product, I'll be choosing Nonni's from the store shelves from now on.
“At Nonni’s, we are proud to offer consumers a Biscotti they can feel good about eating, made with no artificial flavors or preservatives,” said Patricia Bridges, senior brand marketing manager, in a press release. “We are thrilled that the new 2016 packaging tells our story and provides consumers with clear information about our ingredients.”
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