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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Simply Shari's gluten-free shortbread cookies

No gluten, no wheat.
Those are the two claims that caught my eye - and my attention - when I received samples of Simply Shari's shortbread cookies. The muted floral packaging featuring earth-tone colors even talks a subtle promise of natural, delicate and good for you.
OK, we all know cookies aren't good for you; but I was starting to buy into the claim that, as far as cookies go, this is as healthy as you can get. Other claims front and center: Simply Balanced; Simply Nutritious; Simply Delicious.
I'm not gluten intolerant, but I do have plenty of friends who are, and they all stay away from cookies because if it's not going to taste good, then what's the point? For that, I was skeptical when I broke open the bag. But, I was ready for the risk.
Verdict: Are you sure these are gluten-free? They tasted so much better than expected. In fact, they don't taste like gluten-free at all! I had the Chocolate Chip, and it was not insanely sweet or loaded with sugar, like I hate. But it also wasn't bland or cardboard-tasting, which I also hate.
The folks at Simply Shari's has somehow managed to land right in the middle, offering a devilishly buttery snack that I can somehow feel good about eating. And the best part - as a woman who just turned 30 last weekend and now sees the need to watch the calories - is that they're bite-sized! I instantly became accustomed to popping one or two in my mouth after lunch and dinner - and boom! A small yet sweet satisfaction for my sweet tooth. The portion-control was much appreciated!
The small bites of pleasure are chewy, moist and easily crumble in your mouth. I also felt like the 6.5-ounce bag offered plenty of product, probably because the smaller pieces seem to last longer than the giant cookies that I need to toss in the garbage after a few bites.
Other flavors are plain, zesty lemon and aromatic almond. Chocolate Chip was my favorite, but Fudge Brownie came in a very close second. I found myself serving one or two to my husband after dinner as a small dessert, and not only did he love them, but he never suspected them as gluten-free! (If only he knew, muhahahahah!)
According to the press release, only "clean ingredients" are used and all the cookies are GMO-free. The Celiac Sprue Association (CSA) Recognition Seal and the Certified Gluten-Free (GF) Seal is faithfully displayed on every package. Personality also dominates the packaging, as the back reveal Shari herself offering a comforting and personal guarantee that her "simply delicious, gluten-free products" are simply the best. Thanks Shari!
The presser also suggests eating them with ice cream or afternoon tea-wonderful idea! Prices range from $4.99-$5.99 retail. Your customers-yes, those who are gluten intolerant but also anyone who is looking to eat a bit more healthy-will love them! Guaranteed.