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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Editor's Choice: Coupla Guys

If your shoppers are looking for an easy, quick, hearty meal this winter, I recommend Coupla Guys Foods' Buoy Base as the perfect product to point them to. As a play on the French Bouillabaisse, the 26-oz. jar is filled with fresh ingredients and requires just a jar of water and a seafood of your shoppers' choice for preparation.

I received a sample of the Buoy Base and used it in a quick pinch when I had some unexpected company for dinner. I dumped the jar of product, as well as an additional jar of water, into a pan on the stove and let it warm up while I sauteéd some shrimp in a lemon-infused oil, then I tossed those into the Buoy Base to simmer for about 10 minutes. While this makes a great stew, I found the end result to be thick enough (and absolutely delicious) served over a good rice, and of course, you can't forget the crusty bread for wiping the plate clean.

The Buoy Base can be used with almost any kind of fish or shellfish (shrimp, mussels, clams, squid, swordfish, etc.), and the rich, flavorful stew makes a hearty, filling meal. My impromptu dinner was a complete success, and even my picky father still asks when I'm going to "make that Coupla Guys stuff" again.

Coupla Guys Foods specializes in sauces, and aside from their amazing Buoy Base, the Chicago-based company also offers Awesome Arrabiatta, Marvelous Marinara, Perfect Puttanesca, Terrific Tapenade, Serious Sesame Sauce and Crème de la Crimini Sauce. The other thing I particularly enjoy about products from Coupla Guys is their labeling. Each jar comes with serving suggestions and a recipe that leaves lots of comfortable options and room for interpretation, based on the customer's preference (written, of course, in a charmingly Capone-like Chicago-speak). The language used is inviting and relaxing, and the attitude reflected on Coupla Guys products is, "throw this in, toss some of that in, and ba-da-bing, you got a meal." Couldn't be simpler (or tastier) than that!

For more information on Coupla Guys products (or to sample some charmingly Capone-like Chicago-speak), visit their website: