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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Editor's Choice: Wearable Vegetables

While walking through the various showrooms at the recent Chicago Gift and Home Show, a group of kitchen accessories caught my eye. Actually what stopped me were a group of tea towels displaying clever plays on words such as "When Harry Met Salad" and "Silence of the Yams." They were joined by potholders proclaiming "Desperate Housechives" and "Thyme Is on Our Side", among others. You get it -- takes on movie and TV titles, as well as well-known phrases. I have to admit I could see these in my home and I bet you at least smiled as you read the titles. The collection from Wearable Vegetables ( also includes aprons, oven mitts, paper napkins, T-shirts and other casual apparel. Besides the vegetables theme, there's a wine phrases collection, also the Asian-inspired "Shiitake Happens" and other related phrases collection. And introduced recently for dog enthusiasts -- a collection called Wearable Dogs, featuring the appropriate dog photos. "Silence is Golden Retriever" is a example of the group.

As I said, pieces from these collections would be a bright, fun addition to a kitchen. (And a good addition to a gourmet shop's product mix). They would make a cute gift for any occasion. I can see them as a great shower or housewarming gift, or as part of a themed gift basket.

As for me, I see a "Lawrence of Arugula" tea towel in the future of an older brother who likes to cook -- take a guess of one of his favorite movies.