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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Editor's Choice: Blue Crab Bay

Late last week a huge box arrived at the office from Blue Crab Bay Co.'s Pamela Barefoot. Inside was an array of products, from her dip mix kits to her line of snack/peanut mixes. Whipping up a crab meat dip on the spot was just not an option last week, but we did pop open some of the snack mixes to give them a try. Today, Tuesday, a mere four work days later, we are down to three -- count'em three pieces of the Crab House Crunch. An addictive sweet-spicy combination, the Crab House Crunch is a traditional non-tooth-breaking peanut brittle cut up into roughly 1 in. by 1 in. squares and dusted with the company's proprietary Chesapeake Bay Seasoning, a spicy, savory blend that contrasts well with the brittle.

I wasn't sure what to think of them the first time I opened the canister -- usually I prefer my sweet things to be sweet and my spicy snacks to be spicy, but I also love trying new things. I popped a piece into my mouth with an open mind and really truly shocked my taste buds. A pleasant heat with savory undertones was the first thing I noticed, but as I chewed, the sweetness of the brittle balanced out and then finally replaced the heat, leaving me with a sweet, peanut-y finish. And a craving for the next piece.

While I enjoy eating the brittle just like I described it above, I've noticed that some of my product testers here at Talcott have their own techniques for enjoying the product. Mary, for example, teases her taste buds with a bit of heat by licking some of the seasoning off before enjoying the whole shebang. Ashley, on the other hand, likes to enjoy the spicy and the sweet separately and waits until the seasoning has dissolved in her mouth before crunching into the brittle.

However you prefer enjoy the Blue Crab Bay Co. Crab House Crunch, the one thing that's clear is that you'd better do it quickly -- before it's gone!