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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Editor's Choice: Nonni's Food Company

Now it has already been established that most of the Fancy Food staff has a bit of an issue with mornings. We've talked about our favorite hot cocoas, teas and beverage accessories, but liquid breakfasts do not a happy editor make. That's why I was happily surprised when samples of Nonni's Food Company's new Soft Baked Tusconi showed up at our office. Flavors include Classico (almond and praline, topped with toasted almonds), Cioccolato (almond with chocolate morsels, topped with shaved almonds and ribbons of gourmet dark chocolate), Double Cioccolato (a chocolate treat with chocolate morsels topped with shaved almonds and ribbons of gourmet dark chocolate) and my personal favorite, Raspberry Cioccolato (raspberries with chocolate morsels, topped with ribbons of gourmet dark chocolate). These little Tusconi are a softer alternative to notoriously crunchy biscotti, and are the perfect morning accompaniment to my favorite warm beverage -- whether that be coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Everybody loves a little treat in the morning, so even when there's no time to mess around in the kitchen, these individually wrapped pieces are ready to go.

The products are still pretty new and should be out early this month. Visit for more information.