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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Editor’s Choice: 479˚ Popcorn

Last week, the editors were blessed with a package of popcorn hailing from sunny San Francisco, California. Ordinary popcorn? No way! In fun flavors such as Fleur de Sel Caramel and Vietnamese Cinnamon Sugar, popcorns from 479˚ Popcorn ( are a hit among our editors. We love the fantastic and innovative flavor combinations that lead to a truly gourmet snacking experience.

My personal favorite is the Chipotle Caramel and Almonds. It’s a great blend of spicy and sweet, and the nuts make me feel like I’m eating something healthy during work. (Brain food, right?) 479˚ Popcorn combines the smokiness of chipotles with organic ancho chile for added heat; the popcorn is then blended with dark caramel and roasted organic roasted almonds which lends a note of rich earthiness.

We’re excited to try the other exciting flavors that came in our sweet package from founder Jean Arnold! Look for 479˚ Popcorn in our upcoming January issue.