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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Editor's Choice: Crispy Green

When I spotted the package of FruitziO from Crispy Green ( during my most recent forage for food in our office area, I was immediately interested. You see, the packaging is a silver foil pouch, the contents freeze-dried fruit; it brought a happy memory for most of us of a certain age — astronaut food. It looked like the kind of packaging and product that was designed to take and eat on space flights.

Opening the package releases the smell of the fruit, in this case, apples and strawberries. This was a good sign. The fruit pieces are sweet and a little crunchy with a nice mouthfeel. They add a little cane sugar, and that’s it. It’s three ingredients and all-natural. Best of all, it satisfies your taste for something sweet, but it’s only 100 calories for the whole bag, which is one serving. And it’s fruit, so it’s good for you. It is even vegan, so my colleague, Mary, can enjoy it.

Tasty right out of the bag, I bet the pieces would be good on top of ice cream. I could see a kid liking the package, and it would be great to take for lunch. It also is perfect for hiking and camping in the great outdoors, which some people do.

FruitziO, a fun treat in a great package.