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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Editor's Choice: Luken & May

Looking for an elegant treat to stock during the holiday 2010 season? Try the delicate biscuits from Australia-based Luken & May, part of the Byron Bay Cookie Company. The Fancy Food editors recently received samples of Luken & May’s Choc Hazelnut Butterbursts, and let’s just say the box of delicious cookies is nearly empty.

Packaged in an elegant silver-and-white gift box adorned with ornaments and snowflakes, the Butterbursts are small, light cookies made with natural ingredients, including butter, roasted hazelnuts and bittersweet cocoa. In shapes such as stars, hearts, moons and raindrops, the Butterbursts taste similar to a crispy shortbread cookie with the perfect combination of hazelnut and chocolate.

I could easily see these cookies paired with flavored coffee for a party dessert. The decorative box also makes Butterbursts the perfect hostess gift for holiday parties.

Luken & May’s Butterbursts also come in Mango, Citrus Melon and Passionfruit. Learn more about the company at