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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Editor’s Choice: Ricky’s Lucky Nuts

With the continued talk about the health benefits of their other relatives, like almonds and walnuts, peanuts have probably been feeling a little neglected lately. But let’s face it: Whether it’s the in-the-shell kind like at a baseball game or the dry-roasted variety, there’s something about the taste of peanuts.

So I was more than willing to try one of the latest offerings to arrive at the office. Ricky’s Lucky Nuts ( dry roasts good old American peanuts and combines them with all kinds of good stuff. I tried the Cocoa & Vanilla Bean flavors — both are conveniently packaged in the same bag. The peanuts are nice and crunchy. The cocoa-coated ones surprise you with a burst of pure chocolate taste. The vanilla-coated ones have a smooth, mellow taste. The combination of sweet and salty is kind of addictive, and although it’s two servings, I found myself wanting to finish the whole 2-oz. bag.

Besides this new flavor, the peanuts also come in savory flavors such as Bombay Curry Coconut, Black Pepper & Salt and Spicy Chile Chipotle.

I could see this being a great thing to keep in the desk drawer for an afternoon treat. Incidentally, the peanuts also come in 6-oz. bags, in case you want to share.