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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Editor's Choice: Robert Rothschild Farm

When I moved to Chicago in 2007, I quickly learned the city’s number-one culinary rule: Never put ketchup on a hot dog. While Chicago has its share of fine restaurants and gourmet retailers, the hot dog unites us all, even vegans like me who go for a veggie dog.

I love hot dogs, and I also love cilantro and jalapeno, so it was a natural for me to get excited when a jar of Robert Rothschild Farm’s new Cilantro Jalapeno Mustard arrived in the office. I’ve written for Fancy Food & Culinary Products magazine for longer than a year, but it took this spicy mustard from Robert Rothschild to get me into gourmet condiments.

The mustard has little chucks thanks to the jalapeno pieces. Couple the jalapeno with zesty mustard and cilantro flavors, and the condiment makes for a tangy treat on top of burgers, as a base in a potato salad and on hot dogs. Aside from the taste, I love the ingredients. Robert Rothschild adds flavor with all-natural herbs and spices rather them chemical additives. The ingredients are all grown on the Rothschild farm in Urbana, Ohio, and the products are produced there as well.

Other new mustards from the company include Blue Cheese Dijon Mustard, Cranberry Pomegranate Mustard and Tarragon Peppercorn Mustard. Find more information about the gourmet products at