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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Editor's Choice: Yumnuts Naturals

Cashews are one of my favorite kinds of nuts. Sure, growing up there were peanuts at baseball games and pieces of walnuts in homemade brownies, but cashews were special. Maybe others knew that as well, since there were always so few of them in those nut mixes. Plus they were from Brazil, so that gave them a certain panache. So imagine my delight when packages of cashews arrived at the office recently.

Yumnuts Naturals ( are dry-roasted cashews coated with all kinds of tasty flavors. I immediately zeroed in on the one marked chocolate.

It was a great choice. The cocoa powder coating is a great beginning to the crunchy nut. The light coating blends perfectly with and doesn’t hide the taste of the cashews. Incidentally, there are no preservatives or artificial stuff. And bonus points: Nuts are good for you.

The other flavor choices are Sea Salt, Honey, Spicy Cajun, Toasted Coconut and Chili Lime. Yumnuts come in a resealable 5-oz. bag. They are the right size to fit in an office drawer or take with you for a yummy snack. And for retailers, they are the perfect size to put in a gift basket or other gift packages.