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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Editor's Choice: Just Desserts

To say that I'm a chocolate fan is a bit of an understatement. If chocolate were its own food group on the food pyramid, I would be getting more than my required daily intake. Needless to say, the chocolate-lover in me (and our office) was beyond excited when San Francisco-based Just Desserts sent us a box of decadent treats.

On the hunt for the quickest chocolate-induced sugar coma, my eyes immediately landed on the Brownie Bites. The individually packaged, bite-sized brownies are definitely on-trend with the gourmet industry's ongoing obsession with all things miniature. And true to form, each package contained two mini brownies shaped liked tiny cylinders. Wanting to savor my 3 p.m. indulgence, I took several bites from the first brownie, then — giving in to impatience — I quickly popped the second one into my mouth. The brownies are satisfying in the way only a chocolate fix can be, with a spongy interior that fans of cake-like brownies will appreciate.

And for those needing a little more than bite-sized brownie to satiate the sweet tooth, Just Desserts offers a variety of tiny sweets, ranging from mini bundt cakes to mini loaves of sweet breads. For the full-sized appetite, the company's mouth-watering cake selection will make you wish you skipped lunch — flavors include Mocha Creme, Lemon Nut Crunch, Black Velvet and more.

Brownies are certainly the quickest way to a chocolate-lover's heart, and the Brownie Bites from Just Desserts are the perfect size for chocoholics like me. Just don't suggest that I re-learn the food pyramid.