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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Editors Choice: Doti US Berry Allure

As anyone who reads our Editor’s Choices probably knows, I am rather fond of chocolate. With all the good research coming out about its benefits, especially dark chocolate, I feel vindicated. I do, however, also try to eat healthy, fruits and vegetables, etc., so our latest food package, was the perfect subject for me on several levels.

Berry Allure, chocolate covered delicacies, from Doti US Inc. ( consists of fruits and nuts covered in milk and dark chocolate. Over the course of the week, I went on a tasty tour. I first sampled the mix, which offers a natural pairing, smooth dark chocolate encases sweet, flavorful strawberries and chewy gooseberries. These are paired with milk chocolate semi-crunchy almonds for a delicious variety of tastes and textures.

Later in the week the single bag flavors beckoned, so I explored further. I was well rewarded. The dark chocolate coating opens to the sweet, fresh taste of pineapple. The apple surprises with a crunchy, not as sweet taste. Come to think of it, these fruits are often offered with chocolate fondues. The dark chocolate-covered plum was another treat, with a rich, full flavor.

Attractively packaged, these mixes and single fruits would be a nice host or hostess gift. I could also see them used as a dessert option. For retailers, they would be a great addition to a variety of gift baskets. I could also see them in your picnic and outdoor dining sections as a fun take-along option.