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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Editor's Choice: KP's Specialty Spicy Trail Mix

For the majority of my childhood, I detested nuts. In fact, in elementary school, I was overheard telling a teacher that I had a peanut allergy. This lie cost me an entire playtime and earned a severe scolding from my mother. And while I can’t pinpoint the moment this aversion to nuts passed, I can say with certainty that the salty snack is currently one of my go-to afternoon treats. Therefore, I was highly pleased when KP’s Spicy Trail Mix — a combination of peanuts, almonds, cashews, sesame sticks, BBQ corn sticks and chocolate morsels covered in spicy goodness — arrived in the office (as were my colleagues; the nuts were wiped out quickly to say the least).

It’s not surprising that the trail mix incorporates a mildly, spicy kick. KP’s Specialty Pepper Product’s slogan is “Flavor & Heat in Harmony.” The tagline couldn’t be more accurate. The trail mix is spicy without being inedible. The heat adds to the flavor of the nuts and sweets without overpowering them. It’s also unsurprising that the line has been awarded multiple Scovie Awards for the past three years in both the nut and snacks-unique categories.

KP’s tins are compact enough to throw into a backpack and nibble on during summer hikes or throw in your purse in case your blood sugar drops. Moreover, the line offers a multitude of unique flavors including sweet and spicy peanuts. The company also produces a variety of spice blends to ensure steaks aren’t bland. For more information, or to purchase the products visit