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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Editor's Choice: Jolly Llama

There was great joy in the office last week as a special package arrived. Since it was marked perishable, it had to be opened immediately. The package contained Jolly Llama ( Real Fruit Sorbet Squeezups. You could hear the enthusiastic response as the boxes were taken out and the flavors were revealed.

I selected a raspberry one and with the first taste realized why the llama on the package was so jolly.  It brought a taste of fresh raspberry, just sweet enough. It was also creamy. The combination of texture and taste made a satisfying treat.

The next day, I tried a peach one. Again I was rewarded with a wonderful fresh fruit creamy taste. I’m told the mango flavor was another crowd pleaser with my co-workers. I say heard, because I was too late to sample one. Incidentally, there is a reason for the great taste. The squeezeups are made from sun-ripened whole fruit. 

Besides raspberry, peach and mango, they are also available in blueberry, strawberry, acai and banana coconut. And you don’t have to feel guilty because they are fat free and also offer Vitamins C & A.

For retailers, they are also gluten-free, an important consideration for many people.

The squeezeups, are a delicious treat and a taste of summer, all rolled up into one.