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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Editor's Choice: Casa Martinez Salsa

My house is a football house. Whenever our alma mater (WVU) is playing, you can find my husband and I eagerly cheering on a victory. However, it would be impossible to do so without a hearty mixture of snacks available. Our favorite, as much for its flavor as for its convenience, is chips and salsa. But, while I favor more flavorful varieties, my cohort wants his salsa to be hot and spicy. Luckily, with Casa Martinez’s Salsa — we discovered the best of both worlds.

Casa Martinez recently released its signature line of five salsas (Habinero, Quemada, Nopal, Tatemada and Chipotle) this summer. And, the line’s been met with remarkable success. One of the biggest advantages to the salsa is the lack of mystery ingredients. To ensure the salsa is jam packed with flavor, the company uses only the freshest vegetables. Tender tomatoes, tangy peppers and a perfect blend of spices provide the base for the simply artful line of salsas Casa Martinez brings to the table. On a chilly Halloween eve, we sampled both the Chipotle flavor and the Habinero. I was remarkably surprised by the amount of heat each salsa gave off. However, the spice wasn’t so overwhelming that it kept me from going back for more. Nor did it overpower the other flavors within the salsa. What’s remarkable is that despite the heat, all the ingredients within the salsa blended harmoniously.

While this line would obviously make an excellent dip, I can see it being used as a condiment on sandwiches or heated and used as a sauce. One thing’s for sure, it’s our go to tailgating treat during Mountaineer games!  For more information about the line, visit