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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Editor's Choice: Recchiuti Confections

I’ve read recently that chocolate consumption continues to increase in the U.S. I don’t find it hard to believe, since I know I’m one of those people. So you can imagine how happy I was with our latest “feed the editors” package. Recchiuti Confections ( had sent us a selection of its artisan chocolate bars, including several new flavors.

I immediately picked out the Bittersweet chocolate bar.  I opened the package, which incidentally can be resealed, and broke off a piece. I was rewarded with chocolate that had just the right amount of sweetness blended with a rich, yet smooth taste. It really was what bittersweet chocolate is supposed to be. I stashed the rest in the desk drawer to enjoy during the week.

Since there were several new flavors, the next day I sorted through the other selections. I was pleasantly surprised to find, that Hazelnut, another favorite flavor of mine, was still there. It is one of the new creations. The combination of flavors sounded intriguing and was. First you taste a full, smooth dark milk chocolate accented with a little sea salt. It then moves into the crunchy hazelnuts and finishes off with the taste of the burnt caramel syrup that coats the hazelnuts. A complex blend that is truly delicious.

The 3-ounce bars are also available in Semisweet, Feve (cacao nibs), Dark Milk, Almond, Sesame Nougatine and Orchard.

The bars are contained in stylish packages that display the initial of the flavor. I can see them used in gift baskets or as part of a gourmet chocolate display. With the holidays coming, they would be a fun stocking stuffer. Or, as one of my co-workers chose, the lettered packages can be used as a family initial to give a great, personalized treat to a chocolate lover.