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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Editor's Choice: Manja! Gourmet Glaze & Drizzle

The next time I get down to North Carolina, I sincerely hope to stop in at Mama Brava's family restaurant. It is described as being "in the cozy little hamlet on the Shallotte River in coastal NC." Doesn't that sound like a little slice of heaven?

After giving their Manja! Gourmet Glaze & Drizzle a try, I can well believe they make the heck out of their BBQ too. Though Mawji Foods (, the creator of the sauce, claims never to use corn syrup, I just don't know how they get such a sweet and spicy sauce without that key ingredient in many sauces.

We used it on roast chicken for dinner, one night. At my house, we are meat lovers. All meat, all the time (with a veggie and a salad of course). So, following the directions, we coated the whole chicken with a layer of glaze for the last 30 minutes of cooking. We coated it twice, actually. One at 15 minutes and another five minutes from the end. It seemed to be a good system, because the chicken browned beautifully and got a lovely caramelized glaze.

The chicken was tender and juicy and the glaze gave it such a sweet and peppery taste that everyone had double portions. Actually, I am not a fan of peppers usually. I don't do fajitas, chili, or stuffed poblanos, or really any pepper-heavy food. But this level and depth of pepper didn't drown out everything else (chicken and sweetness and the seasoning in the sauce), which is usually my complaint. Oh, we will be using our whole bottle of Manja! Yes, we will.

-Elizabeth Dugan