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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Editor's Choice: Braswell Food Company

Since I like the taste of peaches in anything from pies and cobblers to the good martinis I’ve had in Atlanta, I found treasure in the latest product care package to arrive in the office. Peach Vanilla dressing is one of the choices offered in a reusable carafe from Braswell Food Company (

A warm night last weekend gave me the perfect opportunity to try the product on a salad. The first taste, of course, is the rich, full flavor of the peaches blended with just the right amount of vanilla. The dressing livened up the greens and was a nice complement to the ham and chicken that I had added across the top. Then you taste just enough black pepper to get your attention.

The dressing also worked its taste magic drizzled across some green beans. I look forward to using it on snap peas and other good stuff that will be available at the neighborhood farmer’s market. 

The company’s website also suggests using the dressing as a finish on grilled chicken and pork so that may also be in the future.

And besides being tasty, the dressings are also eco-friendly. The nine-ounce carafe can be washed out and reused, along with its snap-on lid.

It’s a good taste of summer that will make everyone happy.