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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Editor's Choice: GoPicnic

I am an adult woman, I like Lunchables, and I am not ashamed. Well, that is a lie. I am ashamed. Lunchables are for kids, and I frankly feel a little ridiculous eating them, let alone buying them. But what I like about them is the crackers and cheese and meat part. It is like portable appetizers. Granted, neither the cheese nor the meat...nor the crackers are what I would call gourmet, but sometimes you just want a little snack, not a whole sandwich. So, it is more the concept that I enjoy than the actual product.

The GoPicnic ready-to-eat-meals are right up my alley! Cheese? Its there! Meats? There. Crackers? Not only there, but very good! And best of all? They do not need to be refrigerated. Each meal comes in a box with the aforementioned crackers, some kind of protein, some other kind of little snack like dried fruit and an individually wrapped almond Roca. Color me happy!

The first meal I tried was while I was waiting to pick my boyfriend up from work. He was running extremely late and the possibility of me getting some kind of tasty food in my belly before 8pm was dwindling. I had stashed the GoPicnic meal in my glove box, and opened it up while waiting. I only meant to eat the cheese. Just a little protein to tide me over, but it was so tasty that I polished off the turkey pepperoni, crackers, fruit and almond Roca in short time and felt satisfied and full without being overwhelmed by either carbs or salt. There is also a Sudoku puzzle in the box so I did that while I continued to wait for my boyfriend.

The GoPicnic meal is a delightful alternative to many of the meal-in-a-box choices on the market, being free of high fructose corn syrup, added MSG, and trans fats. Indeed, these little boxed treats would be perfect for parents on the go and to throw into a kid's backpack for lunch. They also come in vegetarian-friendly, classic PB & J and a dozen other varieties. No more lunchable for me!

-Elizabeth Dugan