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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Editor's Choice: Praim Group

As I walked through the Gourmet section of the 2012 Sweets & Snacks Expo last month, I experienced the proverbial blast from the past as a familiar brand name caught my eye. It was a chocolate bar labeled Bosco and that was definitely worth further investigation.

Bosco was this wonderful chocolate syrup from my childhood that moms stirred into a glass of milk to turn it into chocolate milk, which was definitely more appealing to me, and I bet to most kids. It was also great drizzled over ice cream.

I found out the syrup is still being made and the Praim Group ( has a licensing agreement to offer the Bosco taste in a candy bar. I was more than happy to accept one to take home.

The 3.5-ounce candy bar is wrapped in fun, retro packaging. The milk chocolate itself is soft and smooth with a rich, delicious flavor. It is a treat for anyone, even if you have no memories of the original. 

I could, however, see the candy as a fun gift for someone who shares your memories. Or I could see retailers using it as an element in memories type of display or in a nostalgia gift basket. It would also be a fun take home gift at a themed birthday party.

But mostly, the Bosco candy bar is worthy of its name.