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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Editor's Choice: Sonoma Syrup

One thing many don’t know about me is that I’m an excellent baker … if I do say so myself. My grandmother taught me, when I was very young, that the secrets to above average baked goods are time and quality products. So, I was thrilled when Sonoma Syrup’s baking extracts arrived in our office. And, when I say thrilled, I mean the shrieking and jumping up and down variety.

The line includes five flavors (Vanilla Bean Extract, Lemon Extract, Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Extract Crush and Almond Extract). I was equally excited the company sent us samples of the Lemon Extract and the Almond Extract as I had the perfect recipes set aside for them (Lemon Sugar Cookies and Almond Biscotti).

Now, the thing to remember when sampling extracts is that they should be tasty without overpowering other flavors. They have to mix harmoniously. And, Sonoma Syrup’s variety did so wonderfully. The Almond Extract was sweet and nutty. It gave the biscotti a rich flavor profile that wasn’t overpowering.
The pure lemon extract is the finest quality available with the exquisite flavor and aroma of California lemons. The company’s website says it’s, “Handcrafted in small batches in the Northern California wine country with a special cold-process method to preserve the complex flavor bouquet.” This extract is more full-bodied and offers a simple way to improve the zesty flavor of Lemon Sugar Cookies.

As your promoting products such as extracts in your store, be sure to feature other baking supplies
alongside them. And, if you’re feeling really ambitious, create an assortment of cookies using the extract for consumers to taste. Offer the recipe alongside the bottle displays.