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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Editor's Choice: Dazbog Coffee

You wouldn't think of Russia as a place with great coffee, or at least I wouldn't. Vodka, borscht and gymnastics, definitely, but not coffee. It isn't the right temperature to grow the beans, for one. So when the Dazbog Svoboda blend showed up in the office, I was skeptical.Well, the catch is that it isn't made in Russia, just with a Russian tradition of flavor and fullness. That is something I can believe in.

The coffee is rich and powerful. I am not a coffee junkie. I need one really big cup every day, but I won't stand in line for it and my coffee maker was only $40, so not a huge investment. I usually buy whatever will give me the caffeine I need, and taste is secondary. I don't want to be so dependent on coffee, and it is my only caffeine source.

But, when I can get a good cup, I do appreciate it. Dazbog has my appreciation. 

Being a gourmet coffee roaster, Dazbog slow-roasts coffee daily in small customized batches. A full line of fine estate coffees is available, including varietals (single origin), special blends, decafs, flavors and an extensive line of organics, all only the best 100% Arabica coffee. Dazbog samples coffee from hundreds of farms around the world to select only the best estate and plantation beans.

I have tried this coffee in my $40 machine and at my mom's, because she has a fancy-coffee-drink-maker-thing (official name) and it has held up. It has a deep taste with no bitterness that is associated with burnt beans, and since my bag was pre-ground, it has maintained the flavor despite that grinding. I even bumped my intake up to two cups. 

Now, that is a dangerous cup of coffee.