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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Editor's Choice — LesserEvil Black & White Kettle Corn

My household is a snacking household. While I love to cook (and prepare dinner nightly), my husband and I always have an assortment of chips, crackers, dips and cookies to nosh on. So, he was thrilled when I trotted home one Monday evening with a large bag of LesserEvil Black and White Kettle Corn. Of all the snacks in the world, popcorn is my husband’s favorite. And, kettle corn reigns supreme. After devouring the bag, I was happy I hadn’t sampled it at my desk. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have made the journey all the way across town.

LesserEvil is a company that believes in snacking responsibly. Therefore, they’ve created a line of products that have remarkably high serving sizes with remarkably low calories. Now, you might say to yourself that this is an easy task when it comes to popcorn. After all, once the salt and the butter is removed, you have a snack that’s popped rather than fried. However, this becomes much more difficult when you throw in the additional caloric intake from chocolate (remember we had Black & White kettle corn) and the syrup (which transforms it from plain old popcorn). So, I was shocked by the tasty treat. First, I anticipated the chocolate covered corn to be sparse. However, there was an even — 50/50 distribution. Then, I assumed it would be light on syrup or salt (resulting in a treat that’s either overly savory or sweet depending on what’s missing). Neither was true. This was simply a small bag of evenly distributed, delicious kettle corn. A small bag that I wanted to eat every night! Retailers will be drawn to the company’s clever packing and convenient size, as well.

So, if you’re a house full of snackers and you’re looking to expand the snacking horizons, look no further. This healthy alternative is truly the lesser evil to fattening potato chips that spend a minute on your lips … and a lifetime on your hips!