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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Editor's Choice: Organic Valley American Cheese

Have I told you how much I love cheese? I feel like I must have mentioned it before. All cheese. I love the stinky blues that clear out the sinuses. I like a sharp sharp cheddar that bites you back. I like a creamy Port Salut. I love it all. Even American, the red-headed step child of the cheese world. But those processed cheese slices leave something to be desired. No longer must I struggle with this! Organic Valley, the nation’s largest cooperative of organic farmers and a leading organic brand, has launched a new flavor: Organic Valley American Cheese Singles—unprocessed, 100 percent real organic cheese slices, as opposed to “processed cheese food,” perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches, lunches and snacks. Organic Valley is the only national brand to produce unprocessed, organic American Cheese Singles.

I am in love.

I found out this weekend that my nephews loathe the processed cheese that they are fed when they go to their friend's houses for lunch (along with the processed bread, fruit leather and sugar cereals. I am sure this does not endear them to the parent's of their friends but, what are you going to do? the kids know good food.) My nephew Max in particular, will point out to whatever adult is feeding him, "This isn't cheddar", or, "This is mild cheddar. I like sharp cheddar." The kid knows his cheese. I feel as though he would approve of the Organic Valley American Cheese, which is creamy and rich and tastes like a cheddar/colby mix. 

The beauty of American Cheese in general is it's gooey meltiness and how it is part of many kinds of American comfort foods. When I was a kid we put it on green beans, broccoli, Sloppy Joes, grilled cheese, burgers and hot dogs...basically anything that would stand still long enough to cover it in cheese. This is all that melty goodness without the processed flavor or bad-for-you chemicals. All the calcium and goodness with more flavor. Keep it coming, Organic Valley! Our love affair will last an eternity.

-Elizabeth Dugan