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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Editor's Choice: Divine Caramel Creations

Salutations, Fancy Food blog readers! Today we have a special interview-style review with Fancy Food Magazine associate editor Marc Kozak. We will be talking about the gourmet line of sea salt caramels from Divine Caramel Creations - Ellie's Edibles. Mr. Kozak was very excited to try these out and share his thoughts. So let's get to it!

Fancy Food: Thank you for joining us, Marc. What can you tell us about these caramels?
Marc Kozak: Mfffph.....nomm.....

FF: Oh, I see you're still eating one of the caramels. 
MK: (Happy yet indecipherable noises)

FF: We'll give you a minute.


MK: Sorry about that. I'm a little embarrassed.

FF: It's okay. We could tell from your desk that you snack hard.
MK: Oh man, really? Great, now I'm the "Snack Guy".

FF: We're not judging. It is a food magazine. So about the caramels?
MK: Right. Well first of all, let's talk a little bit about sea salt. It's a really big trend in the food industry. Chefs and food companies are using it on everything because of its stronger flavor in comparison to regular salt. I've been saying this for years, ever since I noticed this obscure local restaurant that I eat lunch at all the time was putting it on their side dishes.

FF: Are you talking about the fries at Wendy's?
MK:'s....well, I mean you've probably never heard of the place. Anyway, it IS true - there's a lot you can do with sea salt. These Divine Caramel Creations are a great example. The salt is only lightly sprinkled on each one, but the first few bites pack SO much flavor. It was really surprising in a totally good way.

FF: Ellie's Edibles mentioned that the sea salt caramels were their best sellers without a doubt.
MK: That makes all kinds of sense. And see, we're only talking about the salt. Even without it, these caramels would be special. They make it the old-fashioned way - with heavy cream, no harsh preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. It's really rich and flavorful in itself, and when you add the sea salt into the mix...I just can't stop eating them.

FF: We noticed. What kind of varieties are there?
MK: Their #1 seller is the Vanilla Caramel with Fluer de Sel Sea Salt from France. I really enjoyed the fruit caramels, like Cinnamon Apple Cranberry and Huckleberry. Ellie's Edibles is from the Spokane, Washington area, and they have their own orchard where they grow and use their own fruit. The huckleberries are grown on a mountain that is literally just east of their farm.

FF: Do you even know what a huckleberry is?
MK: I'm assuming it's a berry in the plant genera of awesome. But really, the inclusion of dried, all-natural fruit, plus sea salt, plus the smooth caramel - we're talking about a lot of positive mouth emotions, here.

FF: That's a pretty ringing endorsement. Where can you go to purchase the caramels?
MK: They have a shop in Colbert, WA where you can stop in and grab some, or you can go to their website and order them. They even make special order caramels, including ones with chocolate and other seasonal fruits. I'd really recommend doing so. They'd make a great gift for Mother's or Father's Day, or just for yourself to greedily hoard and eat at your own convenience.

FF: Like you're doing right now. Because no one else in this office likes caramel....
MK: Hey, you're interviewing me because I'm the Snack Guy, right? I need all of the samples I can get in order to shape my expert opinion.

FF: Whatever, Gollum.
MK: My precioussssesssssssssss!!!! (stuffs face with remaining caramels)

-Marc Kozak (