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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Editor's Choice: St. Dalfour

It’s a cold, snowy day, but this morning just for a little while, it had a tropical charm and for that I have the French to thank. To be more precise, St. Dalfour ( for its Pineapple & Mango fruit spread, which is made from an old French recipe. The fruit combination intrigued me when I picked up the jar in the store and my choice was more than proven correct.

The scent of the fruit as the jar is opened provides the first hint. The conserve, as it is called, is thick with  pieces of fruit. The richness of mango blended with the refreshing pineapple elevated a simple slice of toast to a sunny treat. It had me going back for another spoonful.

The conserve is made of all natural ingredients, 100 percent fruit, sweetened only with grape juice and, extra bonus, is only 35 calories for a tablespoon. I can’t wait to try it on waffles, pancakes, French toast and even to make a PB & J with a continental flair.

It would also be good with cheese and crackers and I could see it as a something different on vanilla ice cream or in a smoothie.

For retailers, the jar has a charming French country look and the conserve would be great for sampling. It could also be used in breakfast, housewarming or other types of baskets.
Or maybe, you can just treat yourself to a spoonful out the jar to brighten a winter day.