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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Editor's Choice: Altar Herbal Martini

My usual martini recipe is, either gin or vodka (I prefer Hendrick's gin and Grey Goose vodka), a cocktail shaker, chipped ice and three olives, hopefully stuffed with a cheese of some ilk and a little of the juice of said olives drizzled in the glass. I also bow in the direction of France as did Winston Churchill, in lieu of Vermouth. One or two of these can put some spring in your step or severely cramp your style, depending on your general strength of character.

I had just gotten back from a five day trip with some friends when we received Altar - Martini mix in the mail. I was feeling a little down after five days of being grievously over-served  and this wonderful smelling concoction promised "Energy. Vigor. Awaken your senses with a rich base of organic cherries, hyssop, and Hawaiian ginger, muddled with Oregon spearmint, juniper berries and note of lemony sumac. Evoke feelings of energy and vitality with organic vert du Vietnam green tea and a powerful herbal tonic of white ginseng, astraglaus, kola nut, and watercress."

All of that sounded very good to me, and I toddled home to make myself feel better with a bit of the hair of the dog. Though Altar can be imbibed sans alcohol, the bottle clearly states, "Mix in a cocktail shaker. If you fancy, add premium gin, vodka, or rum. Shake, strain, serve and enjoy," and I am nothing if not fancy. I added a smallish shot of Sobeiski vodka. 

The drink tastes mainly and refreshingly of sweet cherries, it also has lovely and subtle hint of mint, citrus and a darker taste of tea. I had two, with vodka. Again, perhaps an overindulgence, but they were just so good and went down so well. I have to say, I did feel better in the morning than I had since I had left on my trip.

There are several flavors and I plan on over-trying each on of them.