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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Editor's Choice: Elaine's Toffee Company

As it has been often mentioned in these blogs, one of the great perks of working on Fancy Food & Culinary Products magazine is getting products for sampling. We appreciate them. Sometimes, for me, it might be  a type of food I haven’t had for a while and to rediscover the taste adds to the enjoyment. Such was the case with a recent arrival.

It was toffee from Elaine’s Toffee Company ( and it proved to be a tasty gift indeed. The almond-filled English toffee is made from a cherished family recipe. The toffee is covered with a rich blend of Guittard chocolate. Guittard is also one of my favorite chocolates, so that is bonus points. To finish, the toffee is topped with more almonds. But most important, the toffee itself has just the right amount of crunch.

The milk chocolate covered toffee, offered all those taste and texture treats-- the crunch of almonds, smooth, familiar milk chocolate and then the crunch of the buttery toffee. I was especially looking forward to trying the other samples. It was the same great toffee, only this time covered in the rich, dark chocolate. The combination of tastes certainly did not disappoint. It definitely left me wishing there was more in the package.

Speaking of packaging, the toffee comes in a variety of attractive striped packages perfect for gifting. The company also offers a toffee sauce. Imagine it on vanilla or even chocolate ice cream for another dessert treat.