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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Editor's Choice: Gary & Kit's Napa Valley Dark Chocolate Toffee Pistachios

This week Megan was rummaging around the cabinets in the office looking for a snack. Lucky for me, she came across Gary & Kit's Napa Valley Dark Chocolate Toffee Pistachios. She brought them back to her desk and tried them and offered them to the rest of us. I wasn't hungry but I thought I would try them and I am so glad that I did.

The delicious California pistachios are coated in rich toffee and dipped in a layer of premium dark chocolate.  The indulgent treats are irresistible for even the most discerning palates and make a perfect gift.  She ate a few and I admittedly ate the rest of the beautiful metal can over the next few days.

With only a few ingredients in the product, it was refreshing to know what I was eating; just organic dark chocolate, pistachios, sugar, butter and salt. They're extremely satisfying and clocking in at 210 calories for one serving, I didn't feel like I needed to go home and run five miles to burn them off. 

I was at the office when I was eating these so sadly, pairing them with wine wasn't an option. The website suggested that they be paired with Cliff Family Winery Climber Limited Release, Napa Valley Bordeaux style blend and served at parties.