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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Editor's Choice: Nonni's Biscotti

Good things come in threes. 

Hailing from a small town in Italy, Nonni’s Biscotti grew out of true Italian tradition. The authentic-tasting Italian flavors from Nonni's (an Italian term for "Grandmother") Biscotti follows the rule of threes by including three new flavors to the Biscotti Bites product line. Using original family recipes with gourmet chocolate, Nonni's devotion to quality doesn't go unnoticed here and it's proved to be the foundation for their continued success. The decadent flavor combinations in the almond dark chocolate, double chocolate salted caramel and very berry almond cookies are what I imagine heaven to be like. The vibrant packaging is a nice touch, making it more desirable to keep a bag at your desk (also allowing for more self-indulgence). 

The 5-serving bags would be a perfect amount, but with anything chocolate salted caramel acting as my kryptonite, I admittedly finished the entire bag before everyone had a chance to try them.