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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Editor's Choice: Funley's Delicious

They’re just regular humans with big mouths, just like you and I. That’s a slogan the husband-wife team over at Funley’s Delicious feels strongly about. They’re a passionate duo who take their enthusiasm for good and good-for-you food and shout about it from the mountain top that is their brand.

The Funley’s Delicious Snack Sets that landed on my desk told a story with a cast of talented characters including Millie, Moe and Lucy Funley that represented the enthusiasm and quirkiness of the brand perfectly. There’s no clip art or stock images on their packaging, it’s genuine characters that attracted and retained my attention before I even tried the snacks—a major point of sale for customers walking past a specialty food store shelf.

Inside the bag, though, Funley’s Delicious includes 100-percent natural ingredients, with no trans fat, no preservatives, no high-fructose corn syrup—no artificial anything. Their Super Crackers, available in Cheddar, Cornbread, Ranch and Pizza—I tried the Cheddar—boast the ability to hide superfoods such as broccoli in the bite-size pieces. They were delicious and flavorful, and the taste of cheddar hid any reminder that vegetables were a prominent ingredient—something I’d imagine a major selling point for parents. Their Wholly Granolly Clusters in Double Chocolate Chip, Wild Apple Berry and Peanut Butter are also crunchy, whole grain snacks and a great source of Vitamin D, Calcium and Iron.

“We have a passion to spread good things out into the world in the form of fun experiences, great quality natural products, and initiatives that effect positive change in our world,” says Ashley and Shawn, founders of Funley’s. “We all need it. We are all connected on this planet and that means we are all one big family”

All of the snack packs are designed with the Funley’s characters and have this uncanny ability to portray their farm-to-table, all-natural brand in a way that significantly differentiates Funley’s from competitors. The solution to grabbing the customer’s attention will always be to tell a story. Often times the audience that brands are engaging in snacks goes beyond the parent or purchaser—it must resonate with children. Funley’s promotes the power of superfoods, yet refuses to brand these products with the boring, brown-paper labels so common with all-natural organic companies.

In the end, their crackers, granola and cookie cluster snacks are bite-size perfection, capturing my attention with flavor and branding. So go ahead, be a big mouth and shout about Funley’s from your storefront.